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Top 10 best Business Ideas for Graphic Designers

Graphic Design Ideas

If you are a graphic designer or an aspiring graphic artist, fine below the top 10 best business ideas for graphic designers. The profit that comes with being a graphic designer is so enormous. But the problem is that most graphic designers get frustrated or get stranded because they don’t know how to put their graphical talent into use. While some lack creative innovation that can transform their idea into a profitable venture.

Being a graphic designer or graphic artist does mean you should be limited to just being a designer alone. There are also business ventures that are inter-related, graphic design business also goes or work hand in hand with other related business that we will be discussing soon. I started off as a graphic designer, though I still design ones in a while, I discovered that graphic design as at the time I started was not enough for me – what did I do? I added the printing (Commercial printing press) to my profile. That is when I do graphic work for people or organization I also do the printing thereby increasing my profit margin.

The point I am trying to make is that if you want to make money as a graphic designer, then you should be ready to go all out, create an innovative business idea that is goes line with your business skills, ideas and still maintain your original business ideas.

Let’s now look at the 10 best business ideas that can be suitable for a graphic designer and how a graphic designer can make more money for his business.

10 profit-making Small Business Ideas for Graphic Designers

1. Offer Graphic Training Programs

As a graphic artist, part of the business idea that you can pursue to make more money is to offer graphic training programs. There are loads of people out there who are interested in learning graphic designing and once they know that you are also involved in training, they will enroll in your training school. It is a cool way of making cash; you can offer one on one training or classroom training.

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2. Video Coverage

As a graphic designer, one of the business ideas that you can consider starting is to start a video coverage business alongside your graphics work. Most people that are into video coverage work directly or closely with graphics designers especially when it involves creating montages and similar kinds of stuff needed for complete video production. You don’t necessarily need to be the person operating this business; you can employ someone to handle it for you.

3. Start a printing press

Another fantastic business idea you can start as a graphic designer is to open a printing press where you can print for your clients who have contracted you to design for them. It is a cool way of making more money especially if the business is located in the commercial printing area.

4. Video Editing

Video Editing is another business idea that a graphic designer or graphic artist can venture into. If you don’t have the time and capacity to go into full-time video coverage and video production, you can just add video editing as part of the services you offer. The most important thing is that you must learn the skill of video editing and it will be pretty much easier for you to learn as a graphic designer. Just ensure that you clearly state video editing as part of your business offering and you will surely attract clients and that will translate to more profit for you.

5. Children Book Designing

Another best business idea for graphic designers is a venture into Children’s drawing books, comic books, storybooks making. This is another potential business for graphic designers. The demand for these services is increasing every day. A creative mind with an adequate skill of designing is most important in this business. All it required is to research on the kind of cartoon characters that children in your area or community likes, and then develop a similar character in a comic. This is another cool way of making money especially if your comic or book is sort after.

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6. Develop Cartoons Program

Another way of making money as a graphic artist is to develop cartoons that can be aired on TV stations. The truth is that if you can successfully develop an educative cartoon program for TV, then you can rest assured that you will make money off it. You can as well sell the soft copy of your cartoon in children’s bookshop.

7. Website Designing

Web designing business opportunity is perfect for those who are professionally expert in website designing and has basic knowledge in HTML and CSS coding. A graphic designer can also look into this direction if he or she wants to increase profit.

8. Start a Printing Press

As a graphic artist, one of the major business ideas you can pursue beyond operating a graphic studio is to start your own standard printing press. This type of business is capital intensive and at the same, it is highly profitable.

9. Sell of Greeting Cards

Lastly, as a graphic artist, another business idea that you can pursue is the sale of greeting cards. All you need to do is to design and print greeting cards that is suitable for a different purpose. You can sell the greeting cards yourself or you can source for distributors.

10. Package Design Service

Packaging matters a lot in marketing and promotion. Any manufacturer introducing a new product to the market or any company seeking to redesign existing packaging of a product could be potential clients. This can increase profit because the companies engaged in production always consume stationery a lot.

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There you go; the best 10 business ideas for graphic artists hope you make good use of it. Good luck!