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Guide on how to become a fashion blogger: tips for beginners


Guide on how to become a fashion blogger: tips for beginners. So we decided to show fashion designers who are interested to become a blogger or intending blogger who have the passion and can create fashion-related content and material the way to go…

If you are a fashion designer and want to cap it up with blogging then these Guide on how to become a fashion blogger is for you, it will give you insight on do’s and donts of a good blogger.

With fashion blogging, you can help people focus on quality, cloth/stylish design, modern fashion, current trend, style and many more.

Four Basic Rules for Fashion blogging for beginners.
1. Get your eye-catchy & easy to remember domain name & stick with it.

2. Before you write anything, decide which subject you are interested in. Because without having the proper knowledge and interest, you won’t be able to write that much.

3. You need to carry out proper research for your blog because writing article takes time. Without researching you will not get any good amount of ideas to grow your fashion blog.

4. Market & Do SEO. This is the main rule in blogger, not just fashion blogging. You’ve to focus on how to market & get people to visit your blog often. You need to provide some quality materials, tips and many things that help your readers. Also, learn how to do search engine optimization for your blog.

Having said all of this, let’s get down to business. Top 20 fashion blogging tips for beginners.

Guide on how to become a fashion blogger: tips for beginners

20 Fashion Blogging Tips for Beginners.

Guide on how to become a fashion blogger: tips for beginners. So we decided to show fashion designers who are interested to become a blogger or intending blogger who have the passion and can create fashion-related content and material the way to go...

1. Passionate startup.
You need to be passionate about something before you could succeed. Talent is not just enough, you need to love doing it consistently. So if you are passionate about starting a fashion blog, then start it and stop the waste of time. If you’ve passion then, you can enjoy your writing & make a new friends and clients.

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2. Research keywords & Write.
You can use Google adword to search for keyword in your fashion niche business. Just use google planner tool. Writing an article on a high researched keyword will help you to get a good amount of traffic to your blog.

3. Be consistent.
You can only be successful in what you only if you are consistency. So you need to have a writing schedule i.e, when you should write and when you post an article on your page. If you do all of this, you will get triggered by google search results.

4. Write a Draft.
Writing is not so easy, so I will advise you first write all the things that come into your mind. Then, think about things to be edited and removed them? After refining your blog article you can publish that article and share with your friends.

5. Share Photos
Apart from writing, you could also share photos of your work to impress your readers and intending clients. Photos can impress your readers in an amazing way.

6. Focus on your content & personality.
Try to build your content & personality. Once you do that, you will become a great fashion content writer and blogger.

7. Simple writing.
One problem is that some bloggers want to write in a complicated language that will give the readers problem to understand. Be yourself, be simple and write in the very simple language that people can understand.

8. Trend Vs Your choice.
To start with, write about yourself, your passion, your fashion style and trends – this is because most of your readers are only interested in knowing about you and your fashion sense.

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9. Tagging brands in article social media.
Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has become a tool for marketing. Make sure to tag friends in your articles.

10. Collaborating with other bloggers
If you have written and published like 100 articles, you can apply for other bloggers who are interested in collaborating with your blog. Share each others article and get their readers to follow you on their blog. Also, do follow backlinks to your blog.

11. Creative blog layout.
You need to hire the service of graphic designer and web developer to design and develop your blog so that your readers could have a wonderful experience when they visit. So you need to creatively design your blog layout to also attract lots of people.

12. Invest in a Good Camera.
Now you may wonder why you need a camera. The truth is that without a camera you can’t go far in fashion blogging because you have to deal with quality videos and photos. So, first tech gadget you have to buy is a good quality DSLR for your fashion blog.

13. Responds to every comment.
I know you will be busy but find time to reply to comments from your readers. By doing this, you build a lasting relationship with your readers and you could also get big-time clients from people that comment on your blog.

14. Hire a graphic designer.
Most time, you may need graphics work to illustrate your ideas. So you need to hire a graphic designer and web designer to work for you occasionally-who can help you bring your ideas into the limelight.

15. Plan and set goals
Just write a plan, set goals and start working on it. Follow your plan until you all you set out to do. You can update your plan but, don’t change your goal.

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16. Building a brand name.
Build your brand name on social media, set up google analytics, build media kit and promote good products via affiliate links.

17. Build Network
Networking is vital in every business. For you as a fashion blogger, its necessary for you to network with people. It helps you to expand your brand. Make sure you have business cards for your blog.

18. Show your creativity.
Be creative and be simple in writing your blog post. You can write about men and women fashion. You can write about things to have in your wardrobe or top ten things every woman or men should have in their wardrobe, top trends of the season.

19. Know Your Audience.
Once you have establish your blog and getting frequent visitors, you must write often to update your audience. Try as much as possible to reply your every comment.

20. Writing Relevant articles.
Googles rules state that you must write related contents or relevant to each other. So, once someone visits your website, he will be satisfied with one specific topic. Remember relevancy is a key to getting to the top.

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