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Small Business Ideas In Nigeria


Small Business Ideas In Nigeria

If you are an entrepreneur or considering starting up your own business, this article will help give you an insight on what to do with great business ideas. In business, expertise generally, understand their domain, risk taking ability and flexibility are one of the major reasons that drive people to into business.

Find below some small business idea you can start in Nigeria.

you can provide a catering services for both small and large gathering that is, if you love cooking, then catering is that business for you; because of the simple fact that food business is good business. The plus side of the catering business is that you can start with any amount of capital; small, medium or big scale. Plus you can choose to start either outdoor catering services or even both. It’s pretty easy to start and holds huge potential, so if you feel you can take on this super role; then get started

Fashion design doesn’t have to be very tasking to start up. You may opt to go for the necessary training so as to be able to take sewing jobs yourself; this is stressful and time consuming and yet rewarding. And so to cut down on the training time, if you’re in a hurry to start earning; then it’s really simple: You can outsource your jobs to skilled clothes makers. They get to make the clothes using whichever design you choose. They will even let you choose your own label and attach the label to your clothes; your part will simply revolve around marketing those clothes — and it’s very lucrative!

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Blogging is fun, is trending and really profitable. You may need to go through a learning curve before you start, but once your blog, with sufficient traffic there are so many cool ways to make money. You can start up your blog in any niche your interested in, just find your style and determine what you’re really passionate about. The popular blogs in Nigeria are: Linda Nigeriainfopdedia.com, lindaikejisblog.com, Bellanaija.com etc are making good money from just blogging, the same with other young entrepreneur you may not know about. You too can make huge sum by just blogging.

If you love to take care of kids, particularly to babies, then daycare services is for you, why not try it out? You would need a lot of space, tools and a great bit of patience to do this business. If you are going to be taking care of your own kids anyway and you’ve got space and sufficient start up cash, you might as well start up your own full time daycare center and start generating income from helping other working women take of their kids while they’re away.

Rental business involves leasing out plastic chairs and tables for people organising ceremonies for an agreed fee. The rental business helps you generate a lot of passive income. There will always be a need for rental services; as long as people continue to do ceremonies like birthday parties, wedding parties, child dedication and many others, the demand curve will continue to grow. This business is perfect for stay  at  home individuals or if you are busy with other stuff, you can hire or employ the service of young people to deliver and return the equipment.

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Kids store
Opening a kids variety store is another great business idea. If you live in an area with a huge population of kid, why not consider opening a kids variety store. An entrepreneur having knowledge about the retail industry can establish a kids variety store business with focusing target niche.

Wedding/Party planning
Wedding planning business comes naturally to someone who is organised and focuses on details. In the past decade, the need for professional wedding planners has grown exponentially. Today people are either too busy juggling the demands of their professional and personal lives or not at all skilled at organising their everyday lives; to oversee the details necessary to create the wedding of their dreams. And this has actually created an enormous opportunity for startup entrepreneurs who are considering going into the wedding planning business.

Affiliate marketing
An affiliate marketer is an online sales person who promotes other people’s products and services in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketing is another very easy business and start and has potential to give one huge passive income. If for example, if you sign up as an affiliate marketer for Konga, Konga will give you a unique affiliate link such that anytime someone buys a product from Konga through your link, Konga pays you a commission. So jump on the on and start making money. Most internet marketers all over the world make money by promoting other people’s products and services.

Here you have it. Small Business Ideas you can start in Nigeria.