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Tips on How to Start a Graphic Design Business


If you are a Graphic Designer and you work for a company and been nursing the idea of starting your business or graphic design outlet, this is a big step in the right direction. Here are Tips on How to Start a Graphic Design Business. Most people begin as a freelancer while still in their full-time jobs.  This method is one of the best always to see if you can survive without your regular job and go full-time as an entrepreneur. Remember starting a new business comes with various challenges, the transition can be scary, but it’s necessary for your success.

Remember not everyone has what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. Some entrepreneurs start a business without having the right knowledge about the kind of business they are intending going into. Now, if you’re starting a business because you think it’s going to be easy and you’re not going to have as much responsible like your regular job, you’re wrong. Starting up a business is a whole new thing and it comes with different challenges and it could be exciting too.  Being an entrepreneur means long days at work sometimes you find yourself doing things you’d rather not do.

When you begin your graphic design business, you’ll need to acquire all the necessary knowledge to make your business a success and stand out among your competitors. That means you’ll need to do your own books, bill clients, make sure they pay on time, manage client needs on a day-to-day basis, and a countless of other things to make your graphic design business great.

Note, if your only real drive is to design and you would rather not deal with clients directly, you don’t need to stress yourself setting-up a graphic design business. You can work on per time basis and offer freelancing service to clients that need graphics work. Or better still, work for someone. But if you are motivated and result oriented graphic designer and you want to make your business work despite hardships you’ll encounter, you may just have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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Below are Tips on How to Start a Graphic Design Business

1. Name Your Business
Your Graphic Design Business name should be professionally and creatively chosen to make it stand out. You want to sound like an established business instead of a startup. Even if your office is just by a corner of your living room, you’ll want to appear as an established company. Most clients don’t like working with a startup. This one challenge entrepreneur is faced with. A client wants to deal with an established business; they want to deal with a company they can trust, that can deliver.

2. Make Your Marketing Materials Look Professional
Because your business is a graphic design outfit, people are going to expect that the first visual impression you’ll leave with them is going to be top notch. Therefore, prospective clients expect that your materials are going to look polished and professional and creatively designed. So you would want to Design professional business cards, letterhead and other marketing related materials; make sure you have them professionally printed before you hand them over to clients

3. Network
Networking is one of the most important aspects of any business. These days, there are lots of ways to network. You can join networking organizations in your community, you can as well look for communities online that you can network with. Either way, you’ll get to know other people in your area that needs your service or people that can refer others to you. You can also do word-of-mouth marketing through satisfied customers. Therefore, networking is one of the most important things you can do. Form relationships with people who can help you grow your business, and return the favour whenever you can.

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4. Set Your Prices Competitively
You will need to carry out a pricing feasibility study to determine your business price rate. that is, how much you would be charging per job on contract as the case may be. Majority of designers who are just starting out price themselves way below their competitors. If you have the talent and the experience, you can set your prices accordingly. You can also do carry out research on other firms in your industry to find out their price so you don’t overcharge or go below price standard.

5. Establish Your Own Website
Every business needs a website. It’s one of the most effective marketing tools. Having a business or company website is not a problem; having it online is the right way to go. Your prospective clients would want to see samples of your work. Establish a website for your business and put your work on it – its the easiest way to set up a portfolio. That way, you can simply include your business website on your business cards and any promotional materials. If you don’t have any knowledge in web design or web development, make sure you pay for a quality web design service to create an eye-catching website. Once you have a professional website, it’s time to move on to Internet marketing so that you get your business out there in the online community.

6. Make Sure You Get Paid
Some client won’t want to be committed. The best practice is to ask for like 50% upfront and remaining paid on completion of the job. This will not only help discourage clients that are not likely to pay, but it will make clients more responsive since they already have something invested in the project.

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7. Get the Business Tools You Need to Succeed
There is much more to running a graphic design business than just designing all day long. You’ll need to do things like tracking your invoice, manage projects, find new clients, and much more. You are the face of the business and you must do all it takes to make the business work.