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Top 10 Creative Small Business ideas for Artists & entrepreneur in 2017


Being an artist often comes with a lot of efforts and individualistic talent. Gone are those day when people sees artist as poor people, and not well to do individuals or people without direction. A lot has changed now, with the growing opportunities in the art and craft industry, many young creative artist are making huge sum of profit from engaging in different craft and are smiling home with huge profit. So if you want to turn your passion for crafts into a business, this post is for you.

If you are young, talented, educated, and creative and have passion for art, and have what it takes to make an eye catching craft or art work, the following are top 10 creative small business ideas for artists & entrepreneur in 2017 that you can consider going into, in order to make more money from your artistic skills.

Top 10 Creative Small Business ideas for Artists & entrepreneur in 2017.

#1. Caricature Artist

I have seen top business executive having their caricature place on their wall either at home or in the office. So if you are an artist and prefer drawing, and have a sense of humor, you could turn that skill into work as a caricature artist and start making huge profit.

#2. Children’s Book Author

Children’s books offer a lot of opportunities for creativity. With the population of young people increasing every day, you could turn that skill into an illustrator by creating a unique storytelling book for young school children and start making huge cash.

#3. Logo Designer

If you are creative person and willing to extend your services and work with other business owners, you can offer design services where you help businesses design basic branding materials like logos, image making and branding.

#4. Art Seller

If you’re a visual artist, you can create original drawings, paintings or prints of your work and build a business around them. You can also open an art gallery where people can go pick-up artistic work. You can once in awhile as a visual artist put up an exhibition and start making cool money.

#5. Teaching in Person

You may consider teaching as an option, offering classes per time or full time basis as a fine or creative art teacher. You can also lecture in tertiary institution as fine an applied art lecturer. Teaching classes can help impart your wisdom to aspiring artists or novices who just want to learn. This idea is best suited to a part-time business, but you can still make good money offering hour-long classes at local craft stores. Partnering with an art gallery shop to supply your art works wont be a bad idea.

#6. Custom airbrushing

Whether you work on cars, murals or clothing, there’s a wide range of possibilities for an airbrushing artist. You’ll need to purchase some equipment to get started, like an air compressor, stencil materials, and of course, paints and airbrushes. Airbrushing can be done in a well-ventilated storefront, kiosk or even at home in your garage on a freelance or project basis. You can also create and sell airbrushed paintings online or at local events.

#7. State your own sculptor Business

As far as art is concern, sculpting is arguably the world’s oldest profession, and it has to do with creating of artistic work using materials like; clay, block, plastic, wood and any imaginable items to make art work.  The return of investment in this type of business is very huge because the artist get to work with different group of people. Once one decide to chose sculptor as a business or profession, there are few ways in which to monetize your art work. These range from public art commissions to galleries to selling your work on Internet sites like Etsy or eBay.

#8. Hand painted design on furniture and decorative items

Consider business on hand painting on furniture or on decorative items, this is another interesting way to make huge sum of cool cash

#9. Creating animated videos

Creating of animation is another business that a creative artist can consider venturing. This aspect of creativity is limitless and as a creative person, you get to work with different kind of people, making animation for movie production outfit, for commercial purpose etc.

#10. Book cover illustrator

Book cover illustrator is another great venture that a creative person can decide to explore. This deals with designing book cover for publishers or writers and production companies for commercial purposes. Apart from being gainfully employed by a company, this type of business can also be run from home or as freelancers.