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Top 20 small business ideas in Indian


Are a young? Do you have what it takes to identify business opportunity? If yes and you leave in India, we bring you top 20 small business ideas in India. Nowadays, young people is always running or trying to find new ways to explore in terms of finding idea for small business opportunities. In this article, we will show you the top 20 small business ideas in India to chose from and start making huge profit. People are always looking for ways to do some thing new that will translate into financial empowerment and the exceptional once becomes an entrepreneur.

Young people are always looking small business idea they have the power and energy which is the key for them to open the hiding doors of success. In this post, we bring you the best small business ideas in India that you can explore and start making huge profit.

Below is the list of top 20 small business ideas in India 

#1. A small gift store

This is one of the best small business ideas in India. Starting your own gift store can be one of the best small business ideas. Today, there is a great demand for buying of wedding gift, birthday, anniversary gift, graduation. One can venture in this line of business and start making profit.

#2. Interior planner

Every body wants to get that dream home with best interior designs. Nowadays, interior design is on high demand. If you have a creative skills, then you can pick-up this one from the wide collections of top 20 small business ideas in India.

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#3. Wedding planner/match making

Wedding is very important in every one life; so getting that perfect partner or perfect match is very important. Being a match maker you can feel proud knowing you are bringing or adding value to peoples life.

#4. Coaching classes

Are you confident as a good teacher? if so, then it’s time to start your own coaching class and begin impacting knowledge.

# 5. Stationery store

Buying of stationery is of a necessity. Owning a stationery a store can be a good idea to start or explore the top 20 small business ideas in India

#6. Grocery shop

Just like stationery store, grocery is also a must in our every day living. You can easily start a grocery store and start start making cool money.

#7. Mobil food stalls

Today, every body is living a fast life. Mobile food stalls will help you enjoy delicious and nice food any time any where while you are on the move.

#8. Mobile shop

Mobile phone is a must in our every day living. Therefore, mobile recharging shop can help you earn good money with small investment.

#9. Jewelry designer

With the high demand in of jewelry and the frequent increase in price of gold, jewelry making is a sure option for you.

#10. Book store

Opening a book store is another sure way of making cool money. Book lover from all works of life will definitely visit your store and it will be your greater achievement because you will be adding value in peoples life.

#11. Opening a yoga institute

Yoga has become popular among young people. Starting a yoga institute with a good professional trainers will require small investment that will bring huge return on investment.

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#12. Freelance photography

Photograph is the only medium that captures good and sweet memories. Freelancers are on high demand nowadays and this could also be that awaited opportunity to launch your carrier in photography and start making profit.

#13. Computer store

Home or office computers are operated every where; so why not consider starting a computer store? Computer store is one of the small business idea in India that could generate huge profit.

#14. Real Estate Consultant

Buying and selling of houses is in high demand. Being an estate agent or a consultant, you could start earning good money providing property services for individuals and organization both home and abroad.

#15. Travel Agency

Every body loves to travel whither for holiday or for business; therefore, starting a business travel agency wont be a bad idea to venture in and start making cool cash.

#16. Catering store

With events like birthday, wedding and small family get together, people will always patronize or make orders from a catering store. Starting a catering business can help you with good profit in a long term.

#17. Freelancing

If you are a web designer, web developer or an SEO expert, you can easily start your own freelancing business via the internet and start reviewing the real meaning of small business ideas in India.

#18. Courier Agency

Today, individuals and big organizations depend on courier agency to deliver their personal items to the right addresses. As a courier agent, you can merge your company with an exiting one or you can stand on your own.

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#19. Blogger

Blogging is another small business idea one can pick-up the wide collections of top 20 small. If you are capable and can generate original content, and willing to work so hard to get traffic to your blog, then you can start a blog with a custom theme like worldpress and blogger and start earning huge income.

#20. Web design and hosting

Have you worked for an It company? Then this one is the best option for to explore and begin building your profile while you make cool cash.

Go ahead you have it: Top 20 small business ideas in Indian.